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We offer for sale horses of every age.  When we work towards selling a horse, we like to find that horse's niche.  We want to find him the job he is the best at and is the happiest doing - whether it's  hunters, jumpers, equitation, or even dressage.  Our diverse and international client base enables us to make sure the horse, his owners, and his new home are set up for success and happiness.  



Our training program is an important and effective means to increase the sales potential of your horse.  When suitable, we can also show your horse at the regional and international levels.  We take special care in planning your horses competition and training schedule  to ensure his confidence and success.

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We breed approximately 20 foals each year.  Most of our brood mares were successful show jumpers in their own rights and we take special care to select stallions that will compliment their strengths - producing foals with scope, style, and great minds.  The foals spend the first 2 - 3 years of their lives growing up in serene, open pastures where we let nature can do what it does best - develop these cute little foals into beautiful, strong, and talented sporthorse prospects.